Writing Fraternity Revolts in Support of RK Adipta

Shilash Thapa Tamang
Kathmandu, August 9

The entire Nepali writing fraternity has revolted against Nepal Police for issuing an arrest warrant against writer and social activist RK Adipta Giri. The writers have taken to streets and social media forums demanding immediate withdrawal of the warrant, calling it a move to curb freedom of expression.

Nepal Police in Parbat had issued an arrest warrant against social activist and writer RK Adipta on charge of writing on the social media about certain malpractices plaguing journalism. A group of journalists who were earlier proven guilty by the Federation of Nepali Journalist and were penalized during its purification campaign had filed an FIR against journalist Giri. Ganesh Paudel, Chabilal Tiwari, Santosh Thapa and other were among those filing the complaint.

Giri who claims to be innocent told the press that he had to face the arrest warrant simply for revolting against the wrong practice in the name of journalism. “I did it all to protect Kali Gandaki and I was just satirizing the evil trends in journalism” he said.

Photo journalist Giri had been raising strong voices against unethical practices of journalism in Parbat District revealing the journalists’ irresponsibility and indifference towards social corruption, their nexus with traffickers, the illegal encroachment of Kali Gandiki and several other problems through different social media and forums.

Prem Prasad Bastola, editor of Pradesh Portal said a baseless arrest warrant against journalist Giri has hit hard Nepali journalism and the environment. “Giri’s fight against corrupted journalist and rampant dishonesty in the profession is quite justifiable. The arrest warrant against Giri not only means an attack on Giri-led ‘Save Kali Gandaki Campaign’, Century House Campaign and his advocacy of democratic norms and values but also is an invitation to suspect the reliability of police administration,” Mr. Bastola said.

Poet and journalist Jhallu Raju Prasad also criticized the arrest warrant against Giri.  He said, “It is not only an offense to an individual, but also a serious disregard to the democratic system, freedom of opinion and expression, the real spirit of independent journalist, archeological, historical, cultural heritages and good governance.” He also insisted on immediate justice to Giri and appealed Nepal Police to stop such intimidating acts.

Adipta is an independent journalist who has been continuously writing on different issues of social concern, especially on Kali Gandaki encroachment.