Writer Arjun Niraula selected for State Award 2023: BukAnt Congratulates Niraula

Silguri, November 20

Kalebung-based writer Arjun Niraula has been selected for the prestigious State Award 2023 conferred by the State Commissioner of West Bengal.  The award  is presented to the outstanding personalities of disabilities. Upon this incredible achievement, BukAnt Publication has expressed statements of congratulation to writer Niraula through a press release issues on November 20.

The press release issued by BukAnt reads, “Arjun Niraula’s works paint a landscape of imagination. They stir the depths of the reader’s soul. Now it is inevitable that the works here will engrave the name here in the history of recognition. From the quiet hills of Geetkhola to the metropolis of Kolkata, his literary prowess will reverberate far and wide.”

“Here he has created dreams that dance in the heart of the reader through the pages of the composition. May your creativity flow like a strong river, may the ink of his pen never dry. His work ‘Bhav Tarang’ has been published by his close friend Puran Chhetri.” the statement adds on Niraula’s achievement.

Write Niraula will be honored with the State Award 2023 on  December 2,  2023 in Kolkata.