World Poetry Day Observed in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, March 21

Nepal witnessed a grand celebration on World Poetry Day as Writers’ Corner Nepal, a renowned literary organization, organized a mesmerizing event. The occasion took place at Bravo Cafe in Baneshwor, where twenty-five extraordinary poets recited their phenomenal bilingual masterpieces, leaving the audience in awe.

The event commenced with Radhika Kalpit captivating the audience with her enchanting verses. As the evening progressed, renowned poets like Ranajana Nairula, Suman Barsha Ghimire, and Bhoj Kumar Dhamala took the stage  showcasing their poetic prowess in diverse themes.
Hailing from different backgrounds, the poets united in their love for literature as they recited their captivating words Saroj Ojha, Rup Singh Bhandari, Khusubu Rijial, and Bhisma Upreti mesmerized the audience with their heartfelt expressions and powerful imagery. Bishwa Sigdel, Tirtha Bhatta, and Rajendra Ojha added their unique perspectives, captivating the minds of those present.
The enchanting evening continued with Chandra Lama, Bhuwan Thapaliya,  Sujan Adhikari, Santosh Kumar Pokhrel, and Ashish Lama added their lyrical touch, transporting the listeners to a world of emotions and reflections.
Further, Samradhi Pokhrel, Rami Priya, and Bipana Acharya, Ram Subedi, Sanjaya Suman, and Suniti Karki showcased their poetic brilliance, weaving delicate threads of longing, love, and introspection.
The event truly celebrated the magic of words and served as a reminder of the profound impact poetry has on our lives. Each poet presented their unique perspective, shedding light on universal human experiences and themes. The audience, immersed in the verses, responded with applause and appreciation, acknowledging the profound talent showcased on stage.
President of Writers’ Corner Nepal, Subash Singh Parajuli, played a pivotal role in making this event a success. He not only ensured the smooth coordination of the program but also distributed diaries to the participating poets as a token of appreciation for their outstanding contributions to the art of poetry.
World Poetry Day in Kathmandu, Nepal, organized by Writers’ Corner Nepal, proved to be a remarkable showcase of poetic brilliance. The poets’ exceptional skills and passion for literature made the evening a resounding success. The event concluded  evoking emotions, and creating a deeper understanding of the human spirit.