With the Snake in Zero- Gravity

Kamal Kanta Dhungel

Abruptly, I woke up, feeling dizzy. With my eyes half-open I screamed, “Hello, dear Natalie, where are you? Would you get me a glass of lemonade? I am feeling uneasy, dear.” However, Natalie didn’t respond me. She is my beloved wife. Usually, she was always there for me wherever I called her. I was bewildered and worried of her. “Maybe she is busy with household chores.” I murmured. It was entirely dark and nothing was visible. I moved my hand over the bed to find my cellphone however, it was not in its place.

“What chaos is circumnavigating me?” I thought. Natalie had never left our room dark and she used to inform me whenever she left off home.

I attempted to get up off my bed. Soon, I realized that I was stuck by belts. I, somehow, got rid of the belts, however, to my surprise; I was suddenly thrown off into the space. I felt as if I was floating. I was getting sequence of surprises. I didn’t understand what’s hovering around me.

At the very time, a bright, monochromatic, intense, coherent source of light glittered spontaneously. Firstly, it almost made me blind.  But, gradually, everything became visible.

As I opened my eyes, I found myself inside a bizarre and mighty spaceship.  It was floating in the space as its weight vanished in null gravity zone. It was so mighty that its front part was appearing very tiny. I understood I was in a deep space inside the immense space very far from mother Earth.

I was feeling hard to balance my no-weight body floating in the space. It was much difficult than swimming or floating over swimming pool.

“Thanks Archimedes’ principle and Law of Flotation.”I murmured being shaken from inside. Later, I realized that these principles work only in the patronage of gravity. “My thanks went meaningless.” I thought.

I saw outside and witnessed that the Stars were swimming in the pool of vast and unfathomable space. They were growing bigger. Some stars were proliferated even larger than the diameter of our Sun as we see from Earth. I noticed our Earth strolling afar. It was seen midget about the size of a cricket-ball.

Meanwhile, a mysterious force pulled me and I swiftly stuck on a big sofa like device. I got that it was a huge electromagnet. I was attracted by the powerful magnetic field as my apron itself consisted of an electromagnet.

While I was stuck on magnetic sofa, I saw a huge snake approaching me. I got scared. My heart was pounding so quickly as if it would rupture my thoracic cavity.

I remembered a holy book, which says, “Every problem has a solution attached with it.” So, I tried to calm myself down and murmured,”Be brave! Nothing gonna happen.”

I tried to find the switch of the magnetic sofa to deactivate its magnetic field but all in vain. It was lying afar. The snake almost approached my foot. I tried to shake my appendages but couldn’t do so as I was tightly stuck in a magnetic field. The snake now bit me and pierced my body flesh with its sharp tooth.  Nonetheless, to my surprise, it couldn’t inject its venom and there was no bleeding too due to zero-gravity.

“How foolish person I am?” I said to myself as I recalled that my apron itself an electromagnet and I could switch it off. As soon as I powered off, I was thrown swiftly in the space. I put on my oxygen mask attached to my apron and somehow pioneered towards the oxygen supply inside the atmosphere of the spaceship. Then, I cut off the oxygen supply for a few moments. Consequently, the snake died of suffocation.

I moved my hands in the backward direction, in turn, I was pushed forward. I slowly swam into the dashboard and pressed the fuel button ON. Abruptly, a red dazzling beep signaled EMPTY FUEL. I was surrounded by huge valley of impasse. I wasn’t finding any U-turn.

At this juncture,an asteroidhit the spaceship from its back with a thud and it was pushed forward swiftly due to exotic thrust added by the asteroid. It now moved swiftly with unceasing velocity and engulfed nearly ten Astronomical unit distance until it enters the gravitational field of a mighty Planet. It was identified to be Voxima.

Impromptu, the spaceship was engulfed by the gravitational force of Voxima. It started falling down fiercely. I was very terrified. I scolded my fate.” If I fall like this then I am likely to be killed. “I worried. The air couldn’t provide adequate upthrust to slow down the spaceship.

Meanwhile, I saw a parachute. I took it and jumped off and landed safely in Voxima. It was like our Earth with oxygen, water, plants, mediocre climatic and thermal condition.