With the Night

Krishna Prasai

He observed me
from top, to the toes.
It was all his choice;
he happened to like the eyes more.
In the second discourse, he asked my race
and more words spewed, as booze grew high.
In the course of our talks,
he asked my name, surname and the country.
Then as questioned waned, he embarked on the last one,
and asked me my cost, without a daunt.
Highly inebriated he was.
When the costs of life,
and that of the body
and of all the parts were settled,
he bought my body in the end
by kilograms, and played with it, nightlong.
He played, unleashing the groove.
He played to his satiety.
* *
The body I sold,
was of no much worth to me
and I had nothing to conceal.
Selling had become mandatory for me,
in order to keep living.
* *

The first night, I entered town from the country,
I stitched my youth, like this, with the town
as a sewing machine does,
in the name of living,
accomplished by sewing youths.

My youth,
and the glow on the countenance
and that sacrifice
I had entrusted to a night
out of a compromise.
And, for the first time
I tendered everything I had
to that urban night!

At present too, he is adept,
and I am habituated too.
Familiar, like us, is the time.
With the same antique trip,
he plays with me,
and I with him
and both of us play
with the night.

[Translated from Nepali by Mahesh Paudyal]