The White Parade of Children

Santosh Kumar Pokharel

The rulers are rampant these days
For power and corruption; no mirth!
There is a risk to life
And justice is a dearth.

There are wars at places that can’t be abated
And hunger that cannot be sated
Empty stomachs of children and their moms
Are highly rated.
There is no hope for the future
There is only sorrow for the present.

The situation is terrible as never before
Millions of children and even more
Bliss for all them who shall schedule?
The children never voted for the rulers
And by what right over the children, they rule?
Let the children be free!

The children are the owners of the earth
Their stomachs are not meant to be void
Their homes are not meant to be destroyed
They are meant anomalies to avoid
The children are entitled to love, I strongly say
Let kids speak them and play!

They are the jewels of their parents
They are the lights of the future blurred
They are the parts of every family
Those make quarter of the world!
Their rights have been lost since ages
Their innocent smiles shall not be lost
They are our pride, almost.

Stop the war!
The earth is not your father’s inheritance
The earth is not your mother’s dowry either
You shall of your madness refrain!
This is the earth of the children!
They have stepped just back a while.
You won’t call it a sinful defile.

They’ll line up in rows and play parades
With white shrouds tied to their heads
The kids for the cause of peace
Shall sure make a global raid
Someday, our lovely children
And your own children!

(Santosh Kumar Pokharel has been found representing Nepal on the global literary platform as a multilingual World Poet. Pokharel, the winner of many international recognitions is an ardent peace activist. His writings are dedicated to peace, love and human hunger).