Wherever I go, I love my soil: Ranjit Gajmer




Bollywood Music Legend Graced Salbari with the Launch of His Biography ‘Mohani Madalko’

The air was filled with nostalgia and melody as Bollywood music icon, Ranjit Gajmer, shared his heartwarming journey from Darjeeling to Mumbai via Kathmandu at the launch of his biography ‘Mohani Madalko’.on September 16, 2023 at Salbari, West Bengal. The event, held at the auditorium of Bukant Publishing House in Salbari, witnessed an enthusiastic crowd of music lovers, litterateurs, social activists, medical scientists, civil servants, eager to catch a glimpse of the Madal maestro.

In a heartfelt address, Ranjit Gajmer expressed his deep connection to his roots, saying, “Wherever I go, I love my soil. Even though I was in Mumbai, I kept Darjeeling in my heart.” He humbly acknowledged the love and support he received from Salbari and Siliguri and reflected on the highs and lows of his illustrious musical career. Gajmer’s words resonated with the audience, emphasizing the profound impact of music on human sensitivity.

The biography, ‘Mohani Madalko,’ (Charm of Madal) authored by Kathmandu based journalist Shekhar Kharel and published by Nepal’s Kathalaya, has been met with tremendous acclaim in Nepal. Rajeev Dhar, who attended the event from Nepal, stated, “Even the untold secrets of the life of Ranjit Gajmer, a Nepali celebrity in the Indian music world, have been unveiled in ‘Mohani Madalko.’ This book, already released by Kathalaya in Nepal, will now be available in India through Bukant. With a growing market for biographical books in Nepal, we hope this book finds its well-deserved audience in India as well.”

In his author’s note, author Shekhar Kharel, explained his motivation for writing Gajmer’s biography: “The thought of what others will do if we don’t appreciate our creator gave me the audacity to write the biography of a music maestro like Ranjit Gajmer. Genuine readers will decide how much justification IU have been able to reach at. I have tried to be an honest biographer and researched his life at a deeper level.”

The launch ceremony featured a musical tribute by popular Nepali singer Suresh Kumar, who enthralled the audience with two melodious songs dedicated to Gajmer. Various organizations from Salbari and Siliguri felicitated Gajmer for his outstanding contributions to the world of music.

The event, held at the Bukant Publishing House, was conducted with magical anchoring by Anil Biswa, the official anchor of Darjeeling’s famous Carnival Band. Suraj Gurung, Director of Buk-Ant Publications, introduced Buk-Ant and shared insights into the publishing house’s future plans.