When Enough isn’t Enough

Sharad Nirola

When too much isn’t too much
And enough isn’t enough
What should a hapless denizen do
Other than to snort snuff

Wise men say yearnings do swell over time
They’re like balloons full of little bells and chimes
It so happens that yearnings develop into obsession
And obsession in turn leads to crimes

Love is also an obsession where mutual ego abound
It’s the ‘me’ in ‘I’ that always hovers around
Come as it may from the depth of the soul
Too much or enough is always crowned.

Hold your breath and grind your brain
Memories float in an endless chain
Love you did her so much that
It all went down the drain.

Alas! your efforts failed to gain
The only truth that lives in vein
Never say now enough is enough
Enough is the core that saves you pain.