Walking on the Road of Kathmandu

Bhawana Luitel

I’m walking on the road of Kathmandu
I feel silence in a crowd
smell of mud
And whispering wings
I see hope in darkness
And darkness in hope
in millions of eyes
and millions of dreams
Again I see the funerals of dreams
In the same place  — Pashupatinath
Oh my dear!
I am walking on the road of Kathmandu

I can touch the soundless fear
every person consumes
the fear of existence
I cannot feel the smell of fresh mud
Fresh bushes
Fresh water;
I drink wine every day
Like water
I use a drug every time
As food
The rate of things are touching the sky
Except your emotion, feeling and body
your knowledge, your dream
And your existence
Are all worthless!
My dear!
I am walking on the road of Kathmandu

People are lost in nililism
In a crowd!
I am staring this city
standing on the mountain of Chovar
For rebounding
For reconstructing
I am standing on the top of the Dharhara
Finding the footsteps
Of peace
Of wisdom
Of nature
I am walking on the road of Kathmandu

My dear!
Do you know where I am walking
Walking and walking and walking
to reach Singhadurbar
Narayanhiti durbar
Pashupatinath or Swambhunath?

Bhawana Luitel is an M.Ed scholar at Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur. She is currently conducting her thesis. She has presented many papers in international conferences. She is a poet and an ELT enthusiast interested in teacher education, critical discourse analysis, teacher’s professional development and literature. She can be reached at bhawanaluitel98@gmail.com