‘Vishnu Laxmi Tulsi Maya Literary Award’ to Amar Kumar Pradhan

Kathmandu, January 18

The literary award “Vishnu Laxmi Tulsi Maya Literary Award 2080” has been conferred upon the story writer Amar kumar Pradhan. Established by the Vishnu Laxmi Literary Award Committee in Dolakha, the committee honoured Amar kumar Pradhan with a cash prize of 10,000 rupees and a certificate of recognition.

The Vishnu Laxmi Literary Award Committee annually recognizes an individual contributing to the fields of art, literature, and culture.

The committee has been consistently presented this award with both cash and recognition since 2067 B.S.

Chiranjivi Maskel, a literary figure and journalist, established the literary award in the name of both his mothers, who gave birth and brought him up. Alongside the award distribution, the 12th annual general meeting of the Vishnu Laxmi Literary Award Committee, Dolakha also took place. The committee also released a literary magazine named “Pradeya” during general meeting.

The award distribution and memorial release event were presided over by the chairman of the Vishnu Laxmi Literary Award Committee, Vishnu Suvadi, and attended by the chief guest Ishwar Narayan Manandhar, the mayor of Bhimeshwar Municipality. The program included best wishes and remarks from Tuvraj Pokharel, the chief district officer of Dolakha, and Shankarlal Shrestha, the president of Dolakha Culture Foundation