Usha Sherchan’s Story Collection ‘Beglai Ma’ Released

Storywriter Usha Sherchan’s new short story collection, titled “Beglai Ma,” has been re-launched for the second time. Previously released via social media, Sherchan’s book has now been physically unveiled during a literary gathering at Mithila Thali in Jhamsikhel.

Organized by the Nepali Kala Sahitya Dotcom Foundation, the launch event saw the attendance of 45 storywriters, journalists, and editors, alongside internationally renowned chef Santosh Shah, who jointly inaugurated the book.

During the event, the celebrated Nepali chef Santosh Shah presented Usha Sherchan with a Mithila artwork as a gift.

Chairperson of the Nepali Kala Sahitya Dotcom Foundation, Momila, reflected on the book and its author. Usha Sherchan read a story titled “Lop” from the collection, while Momila read “Beglai Ma” to the event attendees.

Critics Kumari Lama and Ashok Thapa shared their critical perspectives on the book.