Two Poems by Dr. Rattan Reule

My Meeting with Realities on the Foreign End

The smell of my soil calls me back
But I am in debt or under-desired
The false promises of others force me to be away from my soil
But I am determined to do something for my motherland and my people
The fragrance of my festivals and the food in my veins motivates me to work hard on the foreign end
I irrigate others’ lands with my sweat and spend my productive days making them rich
Agents, brokers, and black sheep of my country kick me out of the systems, but they can’t kick out my Nepal and Nepaliness from me
The blessings of my illiterate parents and the best wishes of my honest people upon me make me work in heat and dust without closing my eyes and bless me with the finest dream
As a son of Nepal and Nepali, I have a steel body and golden heart to bear my mother’s and my motherland’s responsibilities.

My Brother Passes All Examinations

He is my elder brother lying in the lap of the Lords
All festivals remain indifferent to us and give your remembrances
The fragrance of marigold in the autumn on the auspicious occasions searches you in the front row
The rangoli painted on the front door misses one colour, and your box
The box of memories brings tears down the cheeks of our mother
The tears can’t tear her, but she feels it inside
Please send your address so we can send you (to) your share of all Tihars, my dear elder brother.
I hope you are with your best friends above us.