TU opens MA English and Nepali to Graduates of All Disciplines

3 Dec 2023

Making a radical amendment to its existing admission policy, Tribhuvan University has decided to open admission to MA English and Nepali programmes to graduates of ‘all disciplines’. According to a recent official statement issued by the University, the amendment to this effect was made by the concerned subject committees, the Senate and the Academic Council, removing erstwhile provisions to let only graduates of English and Nepali majors to MA programmes of these two subjects. Following the amendment, candidates with a bachelor degree in any discipline from TU, or from any other institution duly recognised by TU will be eligible for admission to these programmes. A graduate from other universities, however, needs to have studied at least a paper in English with a weightage of 100 marks  to get into MA English programme.

Experts believe that the change is in tune with global practices and will allow these departments to be more interdisciplinary. They also argue that the amended rules will allow more  enthusiasts to study literature in their university education.