Tika Basnet’s ‘Marxbadh and Uttar Adhuniktabadh’ Released

Kathmandu, January 29

Writer and journalist Tika Basnet’s book titled ‘Marxbadh and Uttar Adhuniktabadh'( Marxism and Post-Modernism) has been launched amid a literary event held in Gorahi, Dang. The book was jointly launched by the Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Sanskrit University Prof. Dr. Yadav Prakash Lamichhane, political analyst Roshan Janakpuri and other guest attendants.

During the event, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Lamichhane mentioned that writing should portray societal realities, and literature plays a crucial role in institutionalizing change for the country’s transformation. He highlighted the global impact of Marxism, considering it as an outstanding ideological stream, and acknowledged the significant changes it has brought about worldwide.

Speaking at the event, political analyst Roshan Janakpuri noted the contrasting principles of Marxism and Postmodernism and said the book effectively dispels the misconceptions. He also said the united stance of Post-Modernist and Post-Marxist is weakening marxism, against which all Marxist should defend collectively.

Reviewing the book, Dr. Tikaram Udas, the president of the Rapti Literary Council, saw Basnet’s book a useful material for critical discourse.

During the event, Dr. Pramod Ghital, an expert in philosophy, recommended the book to the readers interested in understanding Marxism and dialectics. The event was moderated by Poet Ghanashyam Asthitva.