Three Poems

Anil Khatiwada

  1. Widow

She is the story of a trail
Rendered lonely
By a Japan-built road
After it lumbers uphill from the plains
And touches the village up in the mountains

At the moment
She is looking for a different past
In a grove of snakeroot
Growing on a half-worn slipper
Left behind by a strange traveler
Or on the last footstep he left.

  1. Sagarmatha

Moved to pity by my poverty
Shed a riverful of tears.

I, on my part,
Built a barrage to stop the tears
And sold them off.

  1. Waiting
    Dear river,
    When each single day
    You swallow the grief-conches of completeness
    And bring home for me
    A surge full of tasted berries of hope
    From unknown sources
    I feel you are Sabari and I your Ram

But when
Arraying all the tiny and false consolations of my near ones
I find myself searching ardently for you
On your banks
I feel
I am Sabari, and you, my Ram!

[Anil Khatiwada (b. 1995) is a Nepali poet from Sindhuli. A student of Information Technology by training, his poems have been collected in Ujyaloka Maliharu, a joint collection of young Nepali poets.]