Third Convention of Mendomaya Artist Association Concluded With New Leadership

Shilash Thapa Tamang
Kathmandu, September 30

The eighth annual general assembly of Mendomaya Artist Association of Nepal (MAAN) held on Saturday, September 30, at Samakhusi , Kathmandu,  that simultaneously celebrated its the 3rd convention, concluded with a new committee of  the association.

The third convention of the association took a unanimous decision to elect Aramba Tamang as president, Rupa Devi Ghale as vice-president, Kirti Tamang as general secretary, Sisir Thokar as secretary and Man Bahadur Gurung as treasurer of the association. While Mamata Gurung, Laxmi Syangtang, Shanti Mamba, Arina Tamang, Lokendra Tamang, Sita Lama, Sanju Lama, Sanju Thokar, Ritu Tamang, Raju Khadka and Sandeep Syamchen were the newly elected members of the association.

The association, since its establishment in 2072, has been actively working to promote Tamang language, literature and culture particularly those in Tamang music, dance and attire through various cultural programs.

The event was attended by the finance minister of Bagmati Province Bahadur Singh Lama, former minister Parsuram Tamang, senior Tamang artists Roshan Fuba, Sagar S Waiba, film makers, writers, film directors, journalists and academicians.

The event, chaired by association president Ram Gomja , was moderated by Jitman Tamang , secretary of the association.

Speaking in the event, artist Roshan Fuba delivered a welcome speech shedding light on the role of Mendomaya Association in promoting Tamang culture and securing the rights of Tamang artists.

The event got jointly inaugurated by province minister Bahadur Singh Lama and former minister Parsuram Tamang by lighting the lamp.

Speaking in the event, researcher of Tamang culture Seteman Tamang appreciated the role of Mendomaya Association in globalizing Tamang language and culture through the means of music. “Mendomaya is not only a song, but it also carries the civilization of Tamanag ethnic being passed down from generation to generation.” said Seteman Tamang.  He also saw the need to promulgate a distinct Act by the state regarding mother tongue in order to institutionalize and preserve the national languages of the country.

The event also honored first Tamang singer Lek Yonjan, founder president of Mendomaya Association Dikendra Waiba, singer Ramila Pakhrin and journalists Sndeep Syamchen and Dolma Manangthen Tamang with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Similarly, indicating to province minister Bahadur Sing Lama, former minister Parshuram Tamang pleaded the federal and provincial government to allocate separated budget for the preservation of Tamang art and literature.

While chief guest minister Bahadur Singh Lama extended his thankfulness towards the team for initiating such a remarkable work in preserving Tamang language.” We are trying to establish Tamang language and Nepal Bhasa as the official language of Bagmati Province” said minister Lama. He also narrated the difficulties faced by Tamang folks due to the linguistic complexities.

The event also observed musical performances by different artists in typical Tamang language using folk instruments and presenting cultural dance.