Dilip Adhikari

This is the world I imagine, without greed
You harvest it in your mind to achieve your need
The ultimate need is in happiness indeed
Yet, you cultivate pain with your harvested greed

So I travel to find peace
Every mile I hasten to find conflict
Some for love but relates to wealth and greed
Money the biggest enemy of mankind indeed

You harbor your greed above all
Your need is supreme above all
Your selfishness is on call
Savage you are and will fall

The death is inevitable, no heavens await
We create it and the hell as we live our fate
Yet, you go behind monetary wealth every date
You and I are thus different,

You consider wealth vital of your deed,
No wealth exists, you ignorant breed.
You remain no owner of your possession,
After death, you need nothing so leave good impression.

In the ledger of life, not dollars and cents,
But kindness recorded, a currency immense
What you give away, forever stays,
In the hearts of others, in countless ways

Gold and silver, mere fleeting dust,
In the grand cosmos, a humble trust.
The true richness lies in what you share,
A legacy of love, beyond compare

As you walk this path, let generosity lead,
A balm for wounds, a universal need
In the echo of your actions, let goodness reverberate,
For in life’s grand theater, each act carries weight.

When the curtain falls on this earthly stage,
No possessions accompany you, no wealth engage.
What endures is the imprint of your soul,
In the memories of those you’ve made whole .

So , in the tapestry of time stitch with grace,
A legacy woven in kindness, an enduring embrace.
For when the final chapter is read,
It’s the richness of your heart that’s truly said.