The Secret to Teen-Power; Manifesting your Wildest Dreams

Prisha Lekhak

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Even from a rundown second-hand book seller shop—and that’s exactly where I found mine.

It never occurred to me that I had to take a break from fiction for a while and give some attention to some philosophical books. You know how you have that one book or two you just need an excuse to ramble about, and it doesn’t require one to be part of a fandom in order to comprehend the elements of it? Yup, and that’s this one.

This book, singlehandedly, has influenced me more than anything else. Originally by Rhonda Byrne, this “teen-oriented” version of the concept is by Paul Harrington.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is an international phenomenon that has transformed so many individuals’ lives for the better. The Secret to Teen Power is more relevant to today’s teens and Harrington does a great job by delivering the straight forward message; Ask, Believe, Receive.

The book is all about the Law of Attraction and how it serves you—and don’t let the terminologies sway you. The Law of Attraction, the most powerful law in the universe—is The Secret.

In a nutshell, whatever you hold to be true, WILL come true. Every successful person you know has used The Secret inadvertently or consciously. The Secret is the essence of being you.

Gratitude, Relationships, ambitions, health; we’re talking about everything under the sun. Actually scratch that, everything in the universe. The universe responds to your thoughts and actions and brings similar circumstances you just created.

Needless to say, if you think positive, positive things will happen to you whereas negativity fosters the negativity.

The Secret or the Law of Attraction is not a new concept at all. This knowledge has been passed down for centuries—from emperors to kings, philosophers to scientists, entrepreneurs to celebrities.

This very much proves that the entire universe is at our command—if we’re willing for it to conspire in our favor. All we have to do is ask and believe so, and we will receive it. There, that’s it!

Paul Harrington did a more than a great job explaining the Law that it doesn’t even feel like he’s explaining anymore! Almost as if you’re having a meaningful talk with one of your friends and that’s why it’s so exciting to read and are able to grasp the knowledge well. He even includes real-life examples of people ranging from prodigies in various fields to everyday normal people.

The principals and all the elements of the secret are explained and clarified in an effective way, leaving no doubts lingering. Even if you don’t understand all of it, you are sure to benefit from even the littlest bit that you did understand.

The book, alongside, is encourages one to practice genuine gratitude. The author also explains how we’re all part of this entire matrix. Energy, as we learnt in elementary science class, can neither be created nor destroyed, but is simply re-created. In this sense, we are as old as the universe itself a—we are interconnected with the very universe. Making your head spin? In a good way I wager!

We’ve been told all our lives to do good, be grateful and maintain a positive attitude but let’s be real; did they provide us any real solid scientific truth in doing so?

While this book teaches those morals but we’re provided with real scientific meaning and the essence of doing so, and how it influences us and those around us. And that it also helps us in setting realistic standards for ourselves too.

The accidents and tragedies of the world don’t happen “just like that”; it circles back to the state of mind yet again. But the sad truth is, most of ours’ brain works in ‘auto-pilot’, meaning we are not aware of the thoughts generating in out head most of the time.

First ask for what you desire, think of the thoughts you want to manifest and believe for it to be true and take the effective action. Make room for the manifestation to arrive and receive!

There you go. That’s the secret that was once held for ransom, coveted, suppressed and shared among the great. The universe is ready to conspire in your favor only if you give it a chance and not run in auto-pilot. Don’t let your life control you, control your life.

With beautiful quotations from powerful people amidst the knowledge, this will be a truly worthwhile and a sensational read for all.