The Peace is within!

Amidst the flamboyant laughter, she tries to discern, through her cognition, the reason for her existence. The deeper she goes, the more vague it becomes. She catches sight of people around her, observing them prosper in their essence. The vitality they possess triggers contemplation within her, surpassing what she usually bears within.

She finds herself struggling to counter the plight of self-satisfaction, leaving her entwined in the loops of reasoning that chase her cavernous thoughts. Worn out by the process, she often tries to console herself by conforming to what the rest of the world pursues. She strives to live like the so-called “normal” beings, going with the flow and adhering to conventions to appear in sync with the present time sphere. However, chaos grows louder, demanding answers.

Choosing to console herself, she begins comparing herself to others, placing herself at the pinnacle in every aspect she possesses. A true, noble being above all! Her ego prevails, and she becomes judgmental, ultimately blaming others for her extraordinary state of life. Consequently, she once again finds herself struggling to understand if the cause of her vexation truly lies with other beings.

She seeks answers in books, delving into the thoughts of scholars and polymaths. Religions, sculptures, and sacred scriptures become her sources of exploration. Yet, they only contribute to her queries rather than resolving them.

Terrified of becoming entangled once more, fatigued, she closes her eyes. Darkness and fear envelop her, prompting her to react and attempt to escape. Yet, she finds herself sinking deeper into the abyss of fear. She tries to distance herself from all desires and inclinations for peace, only to fail and return again.

Setting aside logic, she takes a deep breath and resumes her journey until she reaches a natural humanoid pattern. The process proves difficult and challenging, but she remains persistent and focuses on her non-judgmental breath, dissolving her queries. She reflects to uncover her own actions in dismantling the law. Then, she accepts the flaws within herself, relinquishing the blame game. She comprehends that one receives the consequences of their own actions, embraces the law of impermanence, and discovers nothing but peace – only peace!