The Last Shot

Eagam Khaling

Some spoke of the religious scriptures,
Told about faith, explained about rituals,
Opened philosophy.

He who has the last shot has got the cotton corpse.
Many relatives and friends have come to have the last sight of him.
Nobody disturbs him.
He has been sleeping since his last breathless sleep.
No one tries to wake him up.
His infinite camera has already been rolling.
No one has been able to watch
The director of his eternal time and last shot.
No one can show him his video, nor will he be able to watch it.

After completing all the customs,
They put him in the last box
And brought him
To a ghat for cremation.

All the necessary items are taken care of in the ghat.
Fire on the pyre, his body continues to burn,
To turn into asthi – mortal remains.

His dialogues are unwritten,
No action shouted,
That is why it’s one of his last shots.
Wood logs are burning with smoke
And the wind is delivering his dialogues.
The ultimate scene is complete.

His shot is over,
The funeral procession returns home after being a participant,
A witness to his last shot.
But shortly, they will forget the last shot they have to give.
No one has yet met the director of the film Human Life,
Who prepared the time and location of that last shot
And wrote the script.

The locations and objects keep changing,
But the rolling time of the camera is infinitely on.