The Invisible Self

Kuma Raj Subedi

If I ever fail to recognise you,
Forgive me as I may be different to you;
May not perceive you in full;
You’re an equal, unique half
As you claim!

If I ever do not listen to you
Forgive me as I may be deaf to your point;
I may find you  incomprehensible
Like the ultimate truth and
Opaque as you are!

If I ever shut my mouth
When someone belittles you
Forgive me as I may not have words
To win the argument cunningly like a corrupt advocate;
Words are misogynistic or chauvinistic
Deeply ingrained in attitudes!

If I ever turn my blind eye,
Forgive me as I may not see you through;
At times, you are as perplexing as an alien’s saucer
As I am to you.

If I ever turn my back on you,
Forgive me as you are difficult to fathom
Impossible to ascend
The Other,  like me
Rebelling against the object.

[Mr. Subedi is an accomplished lecturer at TafeSA.  He has just been awarded with “The Best of the Event Award” at International Nazrul Poetry Festival, 2023 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is the author of The Colors of Spring, a collection of poems. ]