The Insects

Taijas Sharma

They found land
They found tree
They found fungus
Under the roots guarantee
They felt lucky
to see expanding their family

They played along trunk and canopy
They relaxed below the shade of branch and leaves
They found highest of the Earth
was their own tree
They even learned to bath
underneath the winter Sun
And they also learned to hide
when there’s rain and wind

The fruit they found
was worthy of everything
They’d stop their search for food
The shade they’d find
Cozy of everything
They’d stop to build nest and shelter

They’ve got
forest, river, even hills and other trees
All are shorter than their tree
their own life

One day
They tried to make a hole
beneath the thick trunk
They tried to cut
branches and leaves

They felt superior suddenly
their teeth and their lips
could even cut or pierce
The thickest of the thick

Nope !
They’d never stop
Era after Era
Unexpected one gloomy day
Scared and screaming with all his might
The tree collapsed and
Fell on the ground.

and they …?
to them …?
to see…?
Was there anyone
Lucky left ?