The Book is My Gift for Nepal and Nepali: Ulrich Von Schroeder

Kathmandu, November 3

Nearly 60 years ago, wandering as a hippie, Swiss citizen Ulrich Von Schroeder, made his first visit to Nepal at the age of 22. From his very initial visit, Schroeder was fascinated towards Nepali art and sculpture. Since then, he let himself immerse in researching Nepali art and culture,  started taking pictures of stone sculptures particularly that available in Hindu temples of Nepal. And this passion for stone sculpture is being pursued even today in his eighties.

Few years ago, Schroeder had published his book titled ‘Nepalese Stone Sculpture’ in two volumes. The books contain a total of 1960 illustrations and document about Nepali stone sculpture. The first volume deals with the sculptures of Hindu god and goddesses while the second brings the illustrations of Buddhists sculptures.

Around 1720 pictures have been illustrated in the volume-one which have been compiled in 798 pages. Likewise, 758 paged volume-two illustrates some 1240 pictures of Buddhists sculptures.

“Nepal gave me an identity, a purpose in my life and this book is my sincere gift for Nepal and Nepali, through which I express my love for Nepal.” says author Schroeder.

“I spent my entire life in researching about Nepali sculptures. It is my small attempt to bring positive impact in preserving and reviving heritages of Nepal.” he added.

The two volume-books were launched on 29th November 2019 by the ambassador of Switzerland to Nepal Ms. Elisabeth von Capeller amidst a program at the Embassy premises. Besides, Schroeder has also published books on the sculptures of Tibet and Sri Lanka.