The art of dying

Mohan P. Joshi

The autumn leaves play
a festival of colors as they die,
decorating trees
and the ground underneath
with orange, red, brown, and yellow.

They die giving joy to passerby,
job to photographers,
nourishments to the roots,
and space for new leaves
to come out in the spring.

What a way to end
the journey, like an old lady,
her face fully made up,
slipping into the unknown
With a smile on her face!

(Dr. Mohan Prasad Joshi is an antibiotic resistance expert who has 20 years of experience in supporting 21 low- and middle- income countries in the technical implementation of antimicrobial resistance containment and other pharmaceutical systems. He has also served as the editor of the journal of Institute of medicine and the Journal of Nepal Medical Associations. Dr. Joshi has also published an anthology of Nepali poems, Kaha Chha Thaaun ( Where Is The Place) in 2011 and was the lyricist for a Nepali audio album by the same name released in 2012. )