Teachers as Our Doctors

Ananyaa Risal  

Today is a special day: Guru Purnima or the Teachers’ Day.

We have experienced doctors. We have seen how they check us and care for us. Have you ever experienced teachers as doctors? Some of you must have thought about that. I have also thought along that line quite often.

Now! How can our teachers be doctors? The main conversation follows here!

As you all know, teachers always teach us good habits or new lessons in our daily life as per the school syllabus or out of it. Have you ever observed something in your daily school days? Our teachers can ask us or our friends, “Do you have a fever? Or are you sick?” Or most of the time, they read our minds! So as far as I know our dear teachers can be our doctors as well.

Do you know why? Because doctors, who are our life savers, always treat our diseases and tell us to take lifesaving pills or medicines. But, you might be thinking how our sweet teachers can be our doctors.

Now, I will tell you. Please imagine that you are having difficulty in a few subject. Then, will you go to doctors?

No! Because doctors cannot solve such disease that is related to your study. Then, our dear teachers solve the disease. Then, are not the teachers our doctors in this case? Hence, in conclusion, as the doctors solve our health issues or diseases, our teachers also solve our academic and learning difficulties, or study-related diseases. So the teachers are our doctors in the school.

Ananyaa is a fifth grader at the DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati School, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur