Bishnu Bhandari’s Story Collection ‘Arundhatiko Mrityu’ Unveiled

Kathmandu, December 29

A story collection titled ‘Arundhatiko Mrityu’ by Bishnu Bhandari has been released. The story collection contains 16 short stories dealing with the war related issues.

Author Bhandari has tried to excavate the reality of Nepali society that of during the war moments through his book.  “The stories are not merely fictionalized, but they represent the contemporary social and cultural reality of the time” said Bhandari.

Author Bhandari also spoke about his upcoming book that will be shedding light on the disastrous effect of war and its traumatic impact upon the war victims.

Bhandari has been actively advocating and working on war literature. He began his literary journey as a poet, while in the recent years; he has been showing his active participation both in fiction and non-fiction. So far, author Bhandari has altogether 12 books to his credit belonging to various genres; poetry, fiction, non- fiction and epic. Phahelo Gham and Sunko Pahad are among his publicly acclaimed books.

Published by Bhudi Puran Publication, the book is compiled in 192 pages and is priced 350 rupees.

Though the book was not unveiled officially, it has now arrived in the book market.