Srijana Aryal Adhikari’s ‘Bodh Antarbodh’ Released

Kathmandu, February 26

Poet Srijana Aryal Adhikari’s poetry collection ‘Bodh Antarbodh’ has been publicly released.

The collection, composed in classical meters, was launched during a literary program held in Siddhalek Rural Municipality, Bungchung, a beautiful and historic place in located in Dadhing, . The unveiling of the book was done by the learned and satirist Nar Nath Luitel and the author’s mother Lakshmi Aryal.

During the event, poets including Dr. Nawaraj Lamsal recited poems, while critic Ramhari Lamsal provided a review of the work.

The event was attended by writers and journalists from Dadhing, as well as guests from Kathmandu.

This collection, spanning 134 pages, contains a total of 60 poems composed in 18 meters. This is the second poetry collection by poet Srijana Aryal.