Spare the Trees

Maid Corbic

Everyone remembers the sum
Leads to ruin,
The world needs space
To be connected to nature.

Even though we are unmarried,
Hope still lies
In the sheath of fate
Woven into threads of color.

A powerful ax swings,
The tree falls and the fruit with it,
Causing global warming
Due to human negligence.

It’s important for someone to care
While humanity suffers.
Glaciers are melting,
Nature does not tolerate carelessness.

Lots of floods and tears
In baby faces that
Every day just want
Real play and fun.

When glaciers melt,
General unrest is created,
Because panic reigns
In people and the world.

So let’s take care of the trees,
Because every day is special.
Let’s protect nature—
She is everything to us.

(Maid Corbic, a 24-year-old poet from Tuzla, is acclaimed for his poetry, having received multiple accolades. He also serves as a moderator for the World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity (WLFPH), promoting peace and humanity globally.)