Sitarist Drubesh Chandra Regmi’s Two Books Released Simultaneously

Kathmandu, January 8

President of Sukarma Musical Band Sitarist Prof. Dr. Drubesh Chandra Regmi ‘s two books titled Nepali Sangeet Durbar and Music, Myth and Melody have been released simultaneously in the Capital. The books were jointly released by litterateur Prof. Dr. Abhi Subedi, musician Prof. Deepak Jangam, Prof. Dr. Bina Paudyal and singer Dr. Lochan Rijal.

“ The books encapsulate the history of music from the Sam Vedic era to the present time.” said Prof. Subedi, “ It is our significant achievement to have our history of music recorded in this way. ”

Senior musician Deepak Jangam considered the books to be the useful tools for the readers, researchers and music lovers. “Music is usually taken as the matter of entertainment by the state, at such, these books have proven to be the matter of pride” he added.

Similarly singer Lochan Rijal said that Nepali musical artists are not professionally honoured while the neighboring country  seems to be benefited remarkably by music industry. He also added“ The book is not merely about the history of music, it also informs about the social, economic, cultural, religious and artistic prosperity of our country.”

Both the books Nepali Sangeet Durbar and Music, Myth and Melody are the publications of Book Hills Publication.