Silwal’s ‘Doormat’ Released

Poet Chabiraman Silwal’s poetry collection titled ‘Doormat’ has been released during a literary ceremony. The book was jointly made public by litterateurs Dinesh Adhikari, Prof. Dr. Laxman Gautam, Shree Om Shrestha ‘Rodan’, Pawan Alko and other guest attendees.

The book launch event, held at Shilpi Theatre, was organized by Nepal Srasta Samaj.

During the event, poet Dinesh Adhhikari conveyed best wishes to Silwal and applauded his poetry expressing profound ideas through simple language.

Likewise, Prof. Dr. Laxman Gautam considerd the newly released book as a compilation of powerful poems.

Keshav Parajuli from Bhundi Puran Publications lamented the government’s lack of attention to the development of the reading culture. Writer Shree Om expressed hope that the book would carve out a special place in Nepali literature.

The event also featured poetry recitation from Silwal’s ‘Doormat’ by poets Ananta Prasad Wagle, Ramesh Sagar, Madi Lohani, Prollas Sindhuliya, RM Dangol, Dr. Tanka Uprety, Thakur Belbase, among others.