Shortlist for Padmashree Award Announced

English SahityaPost
Kathmandu, 19 August


Five Nepali books have been shortlisted for the Padmashree Award this year. Khemlal-Harikala Lamichhane Social Welfare Foundation that governs the award has announced the short list. According to the list announced by the Foundation President Jiba Lamichhane, Izoria by Subin Bhattarai, Aithan by Vivek Ojha, Manu by Dr. Devi Prasad Subedi, Muffler by Pradeep Rodan and Sunyako Mulya by Dr. Navraj KC have been included. The first three in the list are novels, while Muffler a collection of ghazals, and Sunyako Mulya a memoir.

Since 2063 BS, the Foundation has been giving the Padmashree literature award to the best book selected by the jury among the books published in Nepali literature throughout the year.

According to President Lamichhane, 15 books had been listed in the first list announced the 15th of June following the recommendation of a panel of judges from among the 180 books received by the Foundation. In the second stage of the selection process, five books mentioned above have been selected. One of them will be declared the winner of the Padmashree Award this year.