Shortlist for ‘Sahityapost Uttam Gairakhyan Puraskar 2080’ Released

After releasing the shortlist for ‘Sahityapost Uttam Kavya Puraskar’ and ‘Sahityapost Uttam Akhyan Puraskar,’ Sahityapost has recently announced the shortlist of five works of non-fiction for the ‘Sahityapost Uttam Gairakhyan Puraskar 2080’. The award, presented to the debut authors who have entered Nepali literature through non-fiction, carries a purse of 50,000 rupees.

The shortlist for the “Sahityapost Uttam Gairakhyan Puraskar 2080” includes Amarbhuti by Jigme Lama, Khairaid by Rajendra Karki, Buddhakalin Samaj by Umakanta Paudel, Magar Sanskriti, Parampara ra Garima by  Gom Bikram and Ban, Samudaye ra Ma by Dr. Jagdish Chandra Baral

Earlier, Sahityapost had released a longlist of eight works of non-fiction out of nineteen it received from different debut authors whose woks were published within the year 2080. The shortlist of five works was chosen based on evaluations of those eight works.

The previously longlisted books for this esteemed award included;

  1. Amarbhuti by Jigme Lama
  2. Khairaid by Rajendra Karki
  3. Fulbariko Juke Ganatantra by Ashtha Bhattrai
  4. Buddhakalin Samaj by Umakanta Paudel
  5. Vir Gau Dekhi Vir Chauri Samma by Chandramani Guragain
  6. Magar Sanskriti, Parampara ra Garima by Gom Bikram
  7. Ban, Samudaye ra Ma by Dr. Jagdish Chandra Baral
  8. Maile Padeko Kitab by Kunjun Suvechhu Luitel

One outstanding work from the five shortlisted debut work of fiction will be declared the winner of ‘Sahityapost Uttam Gairakhyan Puraskar 2080,’ and the debut author will receive a cash prize of  50,000 rupees.

Aswini Koirala, the chief editor of Sahityapost and coordinator of the evaluation committee, stated that the shortlisted works of of fiction signal for a brighter future of Nepali non-fiction. He said, “The five books selected from the longlist of eight works indicate a prosperous future for Nepali narrative literature. The debuted works of non-fiction showcase creativity, deep thinking, unique perspectives on a subject, and dedication of our emerging writers.”

Sahityapost has been conferring different awards to debut authors in three genres; Poetry, Fiction and non- Fiction.