Sensual Fruition

Kishan Poudel

Mind was rapacious. He started accumulating pelf keeping all five senses under disposal.

After enduring much ache and throe, in the end, once all the five senses of body unitedly requested mind telling, “lo mind! You are very avaricious. We even did not get good food in such youthful time too, we got no good clothes, we got nowhere to go. How much would we be your knave?”

Greedy mind tells, “lo senses! I have agglomerated this wealth for the sake you all. Now, keep on doing your ascertained tasks bearing all sorts of thirstiness and hungriness. That will come one day when I can get you fed comfortably and sans doing any work.”

All the senses, thwartedly started doing their assigned tasks. After much of time, the mind pondered over– “Now, I have aggregated and heaped more bucks, which is enough to gourmand. What to do with this piled wealth? Who will drive all these?”

Mind was perplexed in more thone Solicitousness. He was feeling something needy.

He calls on all the senses and tells, “Lo senses. Now, I am going to relieve you all. It is, now the time to fulfill all your hopes and desires you pine for.”

I furnish all your pet food stuffs and you will be taken to visit to more and more alluring  places full of landscape.

But now, some of them could not hear properly, eyes were torn and blurred, tongue and salivary glands were in rest or useless. Most of the organs of the body became almost languid.

Mind is still youthful.

(Translated from Nepali by  Dr. Bishnu Bhandari )