Senior Writer Bishwambhar Chanchal No More

Kathmandu, 8 Jan

Senior storywriter and former President of Nepalese Society for Children’s Literature, Mr. Bishwambhar Chanchal has passed away. According to family sources, writer Chanchal breathed his last at a hospital in Kathmandu on Sunday. He was 83. He was diabetic and a patient of hypertension, and had been undergoing treatment for quite some time.

Chanchal’s fame as a writer basically rests in his stories. Atripti, Bishwambhar Chanchalka Kathaharu, Jeevan Britta and Yuddha Bhadkirahechha are his story collection. He also published a collection memoires entitled Baancheko Yug Mareka Manchhe and a travelogue, Anmerica.  The War is Breaking is his maiden collection of stories in English translation. He has also written extensively for children, and led the Nepalese Society of Children’s Literature for the term 2005-2008 as its Chair.

Late Mr. Chanchal is survived by his wife, a son and a daughter.