Senior Poet Shankhar Poudel No More

Kathmandu, January 24

Renowned literary figure and poet Shankar Poudel passed away at the age of 76. Born in 2004 in Sunpur, Dang, Poudel contributed significantly to literature with works like “Swargadwari” (epic  2050), “Aama” (epic – 2052), “Jeevan” (elegy), and “Phoolbari” (poetry collection).

Poudel also remained the founding president of the Writers’ Association, Dang, through which he played a crucial role in the literary development. Having a background in government service, Poudel earned recognition in literary circles as “Agraj Chandkavi.” In the later days, he had been preparing to publish a book compiling his previously published literary writings  in various national and local newspapers. Sadly, he breathed his last on Magh 10 in his hometown, Ghorahi, Dang leaving his dream unfilled.