Saraswati Pratiksha’s Novel ‘Swa’ Released

Saraswati Pratiksha’s novel “Swa” has been released at an event in Kathmandu. The book was jointly released by journalist Ghanshyam Khadka , writer Saguna Shah and the author Pratiksha.

Commenting on the book, author Saguna Shah stated that “Swa” is a story about the search for self-identity. She said, “When the protagonist, Saptam, tries to understand himself, he connects it to his existence and embarks on a quest for it. Saraswati has portrayed Buddhist philosophy and its essence through Saptam. The novel has been elevated by its artistic language and storytelling.”

Writer and journalist Ghanshyam Khadka noted that people’s efforts are often a search for happiness, achievable only through an inward journey. “To explore this journey, Saraswati has beautifully crafted a novel depicting Saptam’s psychology,” he said. “By weaving the character’s mindset through various layers along the path of Buddhist philosophy, she has written a beautiful novel that also encompasses the philosophy of life. Nepalese readers have received a wonderful creation written on the broad canvas of life.”

Author Saraswati Pratiksha mentioned that the novel took seven years to write and that she tried to depict her study, experiences, and knowledge within it. She said, “It includes society, philosophy, and thought. I have used stream-of-consciousness in the craft.”

Saraswati Pratiksha’s first novel, “Nathiya,” published seven years ago, received a positive response from readers and the market. “Swa” is her second novel.

Published by Book Hill Publication, the 296-page novel “Swa” is priced at 599 rupees.