Sanjay Shah’s Epic Poem in Bajjika Language Released

Sanjay Shah Mitra’s epic poem “Buddha,” written in the Bajjika language, was launched on Thursday in Gaur, Rautahat. The event was organized by Aakriti Creation Pvt. Ltd. and coordinated by the Bajjika Sahitya Sangam, Rautahat.

Unveiling the book, the Mayor of Gaur Municipality, Shambhu Sah, remarked, “I first heard Bajjika from Sanjay Shah Mitra. I am extremely happy to be able to launch Nepal’s first epic poem in Bajjika. The Bajjika language is being taught in the municipality, but it needs to be organized further. I will discuss what can be done regarding the Bajjika language and literature.”

The event featured guests such as Dr. Kamleshwar Sinha, Shiva Chandra Shah, Shailiya Devi Thakur, Renu Gupta, Hari Bahadur G.C., and Sanjay Sudama, among others.

Sanjay Shah, who first published a work in the Bajjika language in 2004 and became Nepal’s first author in the Bajjika language, has published 11 works to date.

The launch event was chaired by Ram Avikas of Aakriti Creation Pvt. Ltd. and facilitated by Kishundayal Yadav.