Sanctuary’s Plea: A Symphony for Earth

Suman Bhattarai

Amidst suffering’s silent plea, we find,
A longing for life, a yearning to survive,
Each dawn whispers hope, a chance revived,
Yet Gandhi’s teachings, but words confined.

In wars that birth unending pain,
Our kin turn foes, on endless roam,
Forging tools to shatter home,
Tiny bullets with lives to stain.

Why spend on arms of dreadful fate?
To scar our world, our species’ kin,
Mother Earth, in wounds, her pain within,
In pollutions’ grasp, her dire state.

Struggling for breath, her fevered plea,
Oceans poisoned, her silent shout,
Each volcano’s rage, her fervent clout,
Trees felled, her skin with scars to see.

From Siberian snow to Sahara’s heat,
Our origins weave a global bond,
Yet history’s tale, a grievous fond,
Enslavement’s chains, a grim defeat.

Let’s transcend that darkened past,
Embrace kinship, in unity find,
Nurture Earth, our common mind,
A sanctuary where life holds fast.

Gandhi’s words now lay on shelves,
Let’s quell the weapons, fears abate,
Ease Earth’s ache, her sorrows sate,
In her embrace, let’s find ourselves.

Listen to organs, each body’s part,
In tune with nature, a harmonious blend,
A world of tolerance, where all mend,
A sanctuary, where compassion starts.

Let diversity bloom in shared terrain,
Respect and unity in a harmonious line,
A world where humanity intertwines,
A sanctuary, where all life’s reign.

( Author Bhattrai is Currrently residing in London, UK)