SahiytaPost appoints Pranay Shankar as Editorial Coordinator for India

Pranay Shankar has been appointed as the Editorial Coordinator of SahityaPost English for India as a part of SahityaPost Global Team. He is a resident of Rangbull Gorkha Busty, Darjeeling, India, and by profession, He has recently published his debut anthology of poetry Kansbhada in Nepali and is planning to bring out a book of literary criticism. ” With his appointment, we believe that we will get more connected with English writers and translators based in India belonging to Nepali and Gorkha races. SahityaPost is a platform that provides opportunities to both established and upcoming Nepali and English writers and poets,” says Sarad Pradhan, the Editorial Advisor of SahityaPost English. ” We would like to extend all kinds of support to writers and poets in their endeavor to excel in both Nepali and English literature. We request all writers, poets, and translators to contact Mr. Shankar for their contribution,”