Sahityapost to Release Jaiseri’s Debut Book

Kathmandu, February 3

Sahityapost is gearing up to release young writer Raman Jaiseri’s debut story collection titled “Katha Hoon, Katha Hoinan”.  Currently Germany-based Jaiseri has been actively contributing in narrative forms, exploring different flavors and subjects in his stories. Many of his writings could be read in Sahityapost, an exclusively online literary media.

In the collection, Jaiseri has categorized his  stories under the subtitles ”Sambandh” (Relationship) and “Samaj” (Society), organizing them in a structured manner to provide diverse tastes and themes for readers.

Jaiseri’s approach to writing is marked by a desire for independence in expression, and he believes that even in publishing, Sahityapost plays a crucial role in providing that freedom. Regarding the editorial process, he expresses the need for mutual understanding between authors and publishers.

“The book is not merely a collection of made up stories but they are believed to capture the essence of a society and its history.” said Jaiseri.

The publication of Jaiseri’s book has been endorsed by Ashwini Koirla, the chief editor of Sahityapost, who recognizes his writing skills and the uniqueness of his contributions in narrative writing.

Jaiseri’s book is expected to release by the end of Falgun.