Sahityapost Announces Final Shortlist for ‘Sahityapost Uttam Akhyan Puraskar 2080’

The final shortlist of three literary works for the ‘Sahityapost Uttam Akhyan Puraskar 2080’ has been announced. This award, presented by Sahityapost, was initiated to encourage the debut authors who have formally entered Nepali literature by writing fiction.

The final shortlist includes; novel ‘Adieka Paila’ by Bishnu Sapkota, short story collection ‘Baba Mero PR Aayo’ by Bhagwat Khanal, and novel ‘Raipali Bhanjyang’ by Sagar Khadka. One of these three works will be awarded the ‘Sahityapost Uttam Akhyan Puraskar 2080’, which carries a prize of 50,000 rupees.

Before announcing the final shortlist, Sahityapost had announced a longlist of 1o works, followed by a shortlist of 5 in the first and second rounds, respectively. A total of 37 books were received from debut authors whose woks were published within the year 2080.

According to Ashwini Koirala, the chief editor of Sahityapost and coordinator of the evaluation committee, a special public ceremony will be organized by Sahityapost on June 29 (Ashadha 15) to distribute the prizes and certificates to the award winners. Koirala said, “The three literary works in the final list are excellent in their own unique ways. We are committed to awarding the best work among them. A special public ceremony will be organized to announce and distribute the award and honor the winning work and its creator.”

The award ceremony is scheduled to begin at 2 PM at Apex Business Hotel on Saturday, located opposite the main gate of Tribhuvan International Airport.

The Three Works in the Final Shortist:

1. Adieka Paila- Bishnu Sapkota

‘Adieka Paila’ is the first book by Bishnu Sapkota, who has an MPhil from the University of Cambridge. The novel is based on love, deeply influenced by life philosophy and spirituality. This novel, which meticulously explores an unusual love story, offers readers ample intellectual delight. Sapkota, who taught English literature at Tribhuvan University for a few years, is currently working in Cambodia. He has been writing continuously on society, literature, and politics for national dailies for a long time. The novel, spread over 334 pages, is published by FinePrint.

2. Baba Mero PR Aayo – Bhagwat Khanal

‘Baba Mero PR Aayo’ is a collection of short stories by writer Bhagwat Khanal. His stories feature fresh events, diverse characters, and a wide range of settings. Khanal’s writing is known for its ability to vividly project the story into the reader’s mind like a movie. His stories are social, and their philosophical aspects, which emerge subtly, enrich them. His command of language style and craftsmanship are seen as his strengths. The book is published by Binita Khanal and contains 24 stories.

3. Raipali Bhanjyang – Sagar Khadka

‘Raipali Bhanjyang’ is the first book by young writer Sagar Khadka. The novel is the love story of Buddhi and Kusum, childhood friends. It also tells the story of childhood friends who dream of becoming soldiers and leading porters to the village. The novel encompasses not just love and childhood dreams but also tales of society and struggle. The author successfully brings the stories of a society burdened by superstition and violence to the reader’s heart through the character Buddhi. The beautiful depiction of childhood memories and youthful mischief makes the novel engaging. The 278-page novel is published by FinePrint.