Rising From the Ashes

Shreyash Ratna Shakya 

From the ashes I emerge,
Like a phoenix taking flight,
From the ruins of my past,
I soar into the light.

Battling the misery and chaos of life,
I fought my way out of the dark,
Facing each day with courage and bravery,
I defeated my demons and rekindled my own spark.

For though my world was shattered,
And my dreams lay in the dust,
I found the strength to rise again,
And in my heart, I found trust.

In the valley of despair,
I overcame all the doubts shed upon me,
With all the burdens I carry,
I spread my wings and set myself free.

I shed the skin of my old self,
And to the sunshine I flew,
Leaving my past behind me,
Hope was all I knew.

As I rose up higher,
I felt my spirit soar,
For in the depths of my despair,
I found a strength I never knew before.

With every beat of my new wings,
I left my past behind,
And though the journey was not easy,
A new life I did find.

For in the fire that consumed me,
I found a power so strong,
That rising from the ashes,
I found a place where I belong.

So let the flames consume you,
And the ashes fall around,
For in the midst of devastation,
New life can be found.

You just need to believe in yourself,
You only need a spark to reignite the fire,
Going through adversity in life,
You will find your burning desire.

Just have some faith in yourself,
The secret is to give it a try,
Even in the midst of all this chaos,
Who knows, you might reach the sky!

Going through adversity in life,
This is the one thing I want you to know,
Adversity is the fire that forges the iron,
That every problem is a gift and without them, we would not grow!

Life is what you make it,
You have the power to mold,
Write the script with all your heart,
And let your story unfold!