Righteous Path

The vigilant man never dies,

Those who walk the path of discipline and awareness,

Become enlightened and awake.

Warriors engaged in the dance of righteousness,

Attain unparalleled bliss and liberation.

Those who act with thought and restraint,

Defeat the fool’s ignorance and negligence.

They do not get trapped in worldly pleasures,

But find abundant joy through mindfulness.

Like a wealthy merchants, they safeguard against carelessness,

Preserving the treasure of wisdom.

They do not get entangled in the web of desires,

But straighten the arrow of a restless mind.

Therefore, the wise person,

Does not associate with false friends,

But seeks the company of true companions,

Searching for the purpose of worldly life.

I have searched among countless householders,

But found the world full of suffering.

Hey, householder! When you showed your true nature,

You could not build a home.

All your fences are broken,

The peak of your house is shattered,

Your mind is devoid of virtue.

The moment of craving has come,

Which you have not guarded against.

The one who has not followed the path of liberation ,

Who has not earned wealth in youth,

Regrets their broken arrow.

I renounce past deeds,

Defeat and victory,

And peacefully sleep in contentment.

The one who abandons desires and pride,

Transgresses all bonds.

They never suffer,

But seek the peace that abandons duality.

Without committing sins,

They do not bear the burden of others’ sins.

The person who is seen by the divine and mortal,

Even Yama, the lord of death, cannot take.

The person who owns their own sinful actions,

This world remains blind to them,

Like a bird that flies free,

Entering only a few heavens.

The one who does not think of the afterlife,

The senses make them commit sins.

The miserly person never returns from another country,

And never praises the act of charity.

As one returns from a foreign land,

You welcome them with respect.

Likewise, the person who performs virtuous deeds,

Is welcomed in the afterlife.

Abandon anger and pride,

Transgress all boundaries.

You will never experience sorrow.

That person is a true seeker,

Who captures their wayward chariot,

And tames the unruly horses of their mind.

That person is the real charioteer,

Who safeguards against the path’s corruption.

They defeat the anger that arises within,

While others can only grasp the reins.

The sinful actions of others afflict them,

Like a diamond piercing a stone.

The heedless person dies like the fool,

But the vigilant one achieves great happiness.

The diligent person never dies,

They attain boundless joy through mindfulness.

The industrious one,

Becomes alert and awake through meditation.

The valiant one achieves unparalleled bliss,

And attains nirvana through unbreakable discipline.