Pushpa Raj Paudel

When rain beats the leaves of maize,
That reiterates my childhood days,
Amassing the falling hailstone,
Tickled joyfully with little children.

Sitting round the sweltering fire,
Shared sweet stories to admire,
Fried in fire the spud and maize,
Had blissfully with a growing craze.

Finding puddles and jumping over,
Would slide in sludge and then hoover,
Ascended the trees to have mulberry,
Running across the field of strawberry.

What a pretty childhood mine!
Spent loving every rain and sunshine,
God, can you make me a child again;
Watching me growing old from heaven?

Pushpa Raj Paudel has composed more than two hundred poems both in English and Nepali. Nearly three dozen of his poems have already been published in various anthologies. His principle theme of poetry is love and respect for nature. Since human existence is ensured only because of the presence of nature, the nature is highly prioritised in his poems.