Bobita Rai


I died a thousand death

when in the open field

my body was ravaged  by savages,

they stripped me to my bones

Jeered at me, made a public spectacle out of my bleeding body.

They touched my forced nakedness with their polluted hands,

tears dried in my aching bones.

Mother earth wept silently

When the sons of her soil  dragged her daughter to the slaughter,

I thought they were my brothers

but there was none in the crowd of hundreds.

The more I begged to be spared,

the more they exploited me.

I am a victim of perversion-

Politics of men turned me into a battleground

to be trampled, stomped and belittled.

My sense of dignity snatched  forever by their barbarity,

their abominable act reveals

they are demons in human form.


In solidarity #women#manipur

Bobita Rai, based in Dimapur, Nagaland, is an English poet. She is a conscious and perceptive observer of human life and believes poetry to be a cognitive portal that challenges one to delve deeper into suppressed ideas, muted thoughts, numbed emotions and hence reflect our priceless existence.

She is the author of the poetry book “mirrors” Which was published in Dec 2022.