Ramchandra Ghimire’s Epic ‘Kalinchok’ Launched

Ramchandra Ghimire ‘Viyogi’s second epic, ‘Kalinchok,’ has been launched during a literary event. The epic was unveiled by Vidyanath Upadhyay Bhatt, the first Dean of Nepal Sanskrit University.

The event was attended by scholars such as Prof. Shailendra Prakash Nepal, Dr. Devi Nepal, Dr. Ram Prasad Gyawali, Dr. Lekh Prasad Niraula, Prof. Bhagwat Dhakal, and Prof. Jagat Prasad Upadhyay ‘Prekshit’.

Speakers at the event noted that the epic is notable for its praise of the goddess and the description of natural beauty, making it a worthy read. They mentioned that creating an epic requires great courage and dedication and applauded Viyogi’s commitment.

Author Viyogi shared that the goddess Kalinchok, whose glory has been associated with his birth, inspired him to write this epic. Prior to this, he has published another epic, ‘Bhanjyang,’ and half a dozen other poetic works.

The newly launched epic was sponsored by Mrs. Bhagwati Ghimire and published by Airawati Publications.