Poet Amar Akash Releases Debut Collection ‘Tungna’

Kathmandu, January 2

Poet Amar Akaash’s  debut book Tungna, a collection of poetry, has been released amid the presence of literary figures in the capital.

Senior poets Shailendra Sakar, Hari Adhikari,  Yuyutsu RD Sharma,  poet Aakash himself, critic Rajkumar Baniya, Shyam Rimal, librarian Jujubhai Dangol and director of White Lotus Book Shop Shreejana Bhandari jointly made the book public at a function organised by White Lotus Book Shop.

Poet Akash began with two of his famous poems ‘Jhalkaman’ and ‘Messiah Puppy’. ‘Jhalakman’ depicted the heartbreaking story of all suppressed and Dalit people through singer Jhalakman Gandarva while ‘Messiah Puppy’ told the story of little hope of a depressed man who survived committing suicide.

Speaking uopn the book, critic Baniya pointed considered Akash’s poems as fresh and original, full of vivid images and soaked in the cultural heritage of Kathmandu’s people.  “He writes poems by squeezing his own heart,” he said.

Poet Sakar mentioned Amar as a strong and talented young poet who wrote poems based on aesthetics of Kathya Kayakalp (Content Metamorphosis), a literary movement that Sakar initiated with his fellow poet Yuyutsu Sharma a few decades ago.

Hari Adhikari said he felt delighted to read Aakash’s poetry. “I found a strong possibility of more powerful poems from the poet in the days ahead,” he said.

Yuyutsu Sharma called Aakash the true successor of the great Nepali poet Gopal Prasad Rimal. “A new star has emerged on the horizon of Nepali poetry as Amar Aakash,” he said.

Published by White Lotus Book Shop, the 116-page book has 40 poignant poems of miscellaneous contents.

According to Bhandari, the book is available in bookstores in Kathmandu along with online platforms such as Amazon, Daraz, and Flipkart for readers worldwide.