Poem: Neck-bells of Appreciation

Sushant Thapa 

The days are numbered,
But life is like a savored moment.
Passing with affection
The need to exist, flowers
For the wild fragrance.
Houses are free even with closed doors,
Prisons are open with blinking windows
That conceal life a lot.
I only commit an absence of time,
But longings dare to care.
Life longs to be free
And the desire to savor one’s work
Isn’t it an everyday sunshine?
Days recall,
They repair
The crumpled trash of invention;
You have an aura to complete
Your art and sharpen
Your craft tools
To sing the mundanity.
Every creation builds your heart –
More flowering it is, its bloom.
Time is a teacher
That teaches to get lost
In the garden,
And crack the juices of care.
Life is a wild suburb,
Ringing neck-bells of appreciation,
When it is overburdened.