Poem: My Mother’s Belief

Suresh Rai

When I was a child
My mother said
“Son! your share of rice sticks to the spoon and doesn’t fall on your plate,
if you become a lazy man”

I went out to our garden
planted some vegetables.

I cleaned our village’s Well regularly
When my mother said
“Son! If you make water contaminated, God Shimay will punish you. Never spit on water ”

After the dark
I used to stay calm
And study in the light of kerosene light
When she said
“Son ! You shouldn’t whistle at night. If you do so , bad fortune comes into our home”

Dear wife !
Today our grown up sons
don’t earn a single penny
but rice  doesn’t stick on spoon for them
While making noises
they don’t care about time

These days
I wish
those all the beliefs of my mother
was true
One by one true.