Poem: I Search Myself

Dilip Rakshit

I search myself in a vast crowd,
making a louder sound, a large wave.
Moving forward, backward, hither and thither,
I stray in this! Stride after stride,
time also trails in hide.

On the way, dreams entangled with pain,
always pricking the dreams to deviate me.
I startle with phobia in my nerves
that incites me in winding streaks
of light and shade impact.

On the serpentine ups and downs,
I search myself on the stubborn stone,
where life echoes, encircling
the true life of cyans,
that captivates me in desolation.

I seek myself behind the sunset,
where the golden mind utters a poem
of mysterious word arrangements
that make a sensible glow of
spectrum with excruciating pain.

Sometimes exquisite nature kisses
my retina. I feel awesome,
lost in the verdant deep,
embracing the vigorous greenery,
adorning myself as her.

In the deep, I see a pacific lake
where serenity converges into vast
tranquility and diverges thorny pain.
Sorrow skirts around; through these
I see myself buoyant in the blue.